Here is the recording of Phantom Orchid, as promised.  The SoundCloud version is posted below this video.

Phantom Orchid is an instrumental concept album set in Seattle. The flower that gives the program its name grows naturally in the Olympic Mountains and nearby areas in the Pacific Northwest. Unlike most orchids, which are epiphytes, the phantom orchid grows in the nutrient rich forest floor which is layered with dead plant debris. It does not feed off of sunlight, has no chlorophyll and is pure white except for occassional yellow coloring inside the flowers. This white color gives the flower its name. It has become increasingly hard to find as its natural habitat becomes more scarce. The program combines contemporary classical and jazz styles and is an electroacoustic mixed ensemble work. The total running time is about 41 minutes.


The Sirens for two flutes

The Apparition for flute, clarinet and electronics

Some Other Nightmare for jazz quartet

Euryale’s Lament for solo flute

Phantom Orchid for jazz quartet, clarinet and electronics

The Sirens: Reprise for two flutes

Composition by Ammon Swinbank
Electronics designed by Patricia Cardona

Ammon Swinbank, flute (
Gabe Terracciano, violin (
Jonathan Gardner, bass
Blair Perry, clarinet
Patricia Cardona, electronics and flute (
Paul Shaw, drums (