Alright, finally here is another of my forays into solo flutelandia.  For this one, I began with a multiphonic in the first register.  The multiphonic is a major second apart.  I then explored the other possibilities of this fingering and others similar to it, finding some interesting timbres and intervals in the process.  It is amazing how much beauty can be found in the airy, imperfect spaces of the flute tone that we train so hard to smooth away.  In fact, at the moment I wonder why we strive so hard for that perfect tone, practicing and practicing for homogeneity in all registers instead of striving for greater knowledge and control of the flute’s sonic capabilities.  If we did this, I think we would have the freedom to create the sound that is right for any occasion whether it be a Bach Sonata or a an ethereal exploration of the spaces between conventional tones.

At any rate, this is my personal favorite recording so far.  I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed playing it.