Hello everyone!  I have two announcements for this week.  One is that the recordings from Extended Horizons Project at Cafe Racer have been posted to the archive at racersessions.com.  That way you can still hear the show even if you weren’t there.  I am working on obtaining the files myself, that way I can post them to soundcloud and embed them on this site for easier access.  I will let you know when that happens.

The second and even more exciting announcement is……..(drum roll):

I am moving to New York City.  I will be flying out on Tuesday, August 18 – two weeks before my first day at NYU, where I will be pursuing my M.M. in flute performance.  I will be studying under (guess who) Robert Dick.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  BUT – practical things first: I need a place to live and a job.  So if anyone happens to have any connections in New York – especially someone I can potentially stay with for a short time while I find a place to rent – please let me know!

Thank you all and hope your summers are all warming up to something wonderful.  Until next time…