Extended Horizons Project at Cafe Racer

Hello everyone –

It has been a long time since I have updated my blog, so I guess it’s about time.  I would like to announce, first of all, that I will be performing at Cafe Racer on Sunday, May 24th at 7:30pm.  I will be appearing with Extended Horizons Project, which is made of these fabulous musicians: Ebony Miranda on cello, Griffin Boyd on electronics, Julio Lopez on guitar.  Flute by guess who…

The show will consist of compositions by members of the ensemble as well as improvisations.  I will be performing my flute solo posted on youtube, Spectrum.  It’s free, so please stop by, bring your instrument for the open improv session afterward and enjoy yourself!  Below are some samples to give you an idea what kind of musical mischief we have been up to:

Flute and Electronics Improvisation with Griffin Boyd

New Piece, Updates and Extended Horizons Project Volume II

Hello all – It’s well into January now, and that means it’s time for Extended Horizons Project Volume II!  To start the season off, I have posted two of the videos that I used for grad school applications. Take a listen and keep your fingers crossed for me…

The first video is of an improvisation with Katie Levine on piano and Julio Lopez on violin.  Thanks so much Julio and Katie for lending me your fantastic musicianship!

The second video is of a piece I wrote called ‘Spectrum.’  This is my latest piece, composed for flute alone.  The piece uses primarily multiphonic tremolos and takes some of its inspiration from Seattle’s own Neil Welch.  The form of the piece is modeled after traditional jazz improvisation, minus the changes.  There is a ‘head’ at the beginning and a modified repetition of it at the end, with the middle section being an improvisation using the material in the head as a guide and point of departure.  There will be a better quality audio version on SoundCloud soon.  Hope you all are having a wonderful winter, and thanks for listening.