• to stretch out to fullest length
  • to exert (oneself) to full capacity
  • to increase the scope, meaning, or application of :  broaden


  • range of perception or experience
  • the limit of what is possible

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Extended Horizons Project is an ongoing exploration into the art of improvisation, composition and imagination.  EHP is a challenge and invitation into uncharted territory and has no designated genre or style other than those created by the participants. Extended Horizons is a play on Extended Techniques, which are sounds that are not usually used in more traditional contextsSome examples include multiphonics (double-stops), pitch bends, altered timbres and percussive effects.  Extended Horizons was originally conceived as an outlet for the modern flute, which tends to exist almost entirely in the world of unaccompanied solo repertoire.  EHP seeks to integrate contemporary flute playing into a variety of ensembles while continuing to expand what is possible on the flute.  The goal is to explore the rich expressive possibilities of extended techniques and use them in ways that are imaginative and inspiring.

EHP Volume 2 #4

Griffin Boyd, electronics

Ammon Swinbank, flute

EHP Volume 1 #2

Ammon Swinbank, flute

Julio Lopez, violin

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