Finally, after weeks (yes, weeks) of frustration, I have finally learned how to cut off parts of a sound file I don’t want, add fade outs and export the newly fixed file as a .wav.  I am not computer savvy, and I have a bunch of recordings lying around that just need a little patching up.  For me, this is a victory.

The first track I have chosen to unleash upon the digital world is a recording of one of the first free improvisations I ever did.  Recorded in 2009 in Denver Colorado, it features my wooden or “Native American” flute.  The other musicians in the recording are members of the band Still Light.  They were fascinated by my flute and asked me to just start playing and that they would follow along.  I complied despite feeling nervous and exposed, and this track is the result of that experiment.  It is interesting to look back at some of my earlier work as a flute player and see how far I have come as a performer and improviser.  Not to mention the instrument itself, which is beautiful in its own right.

There will be more of this soon, since I have finally figured out how to make recordings presentable for the internet.  Thank you for listening, hope you enjoy!