I have been doing a lot of solo improvisation at home lately.  Just by myself in my room – a luxury I haven’t had since last summer.  And this time, it comes with the strangeness of my new freedom.  I have been out of school before but this time, I have a degree.  I am working towards applying for grad school, but I also realize I don’t have to.  I should if I want a better “job” to pay off the debt I will be in until I hit retirement age – but I don’t have to.  I feel like I’m free-floating.  At any rate, I have been pumping out solo improvisations that use some of the new extended techniques I’ve learned as well as some I’ve know for a while.  I dive into the new stuff just to see what will happen; I experiment with familiar material to see where I can take it.  This is the first recording I have uploaded so far.  I began this improvisation with a long held note using an unconventional fingering.  I often use this technique to get me started: hold a tone and wait until I hear something before I play it.  The results are always surprising.  In this recording, what begins as hollow tones and delicate multiphonics becomes a wild exploration of a quote from a Robert Dick piece I learned a few years ago.  This quote takes me in a totally different direction than either the improvisation or Robert’s piece did, leaving me with a piece that sounds like a circus gone haywire. There will be more of this coming soon since I will be making a project out of recording my improvisations and documenting my process and the results.  I hope you enjoy this recording and the material to come.